Document Holding Selfies….. yaaaaaaeeeeee

Get selfie by holding document in One-Hand and Verification Keycode with today’s date on a piece of paper in Other-Hand

Fake selfie ID verification has become a crucial method to identify individuals in the past year due to virtual requirements. It has allowed many new services to be offered digitally, such as account openings and financial services in critical times of need. However, with every new technology, there are plenty of bad actors waiting to exploit it. These actors can be highly sophisticated and organized worldwide, making it difficult for them to face repercussions. ID verification bypassing has gone global.
Selfie verification selfie holding ID

We also supply US, EU, Asian, and Canadian fake drivers licenses and ID cards. Our fake id cards are a excellent way of having a trip to all over the world. You can also use it for open banks accounts, buy/rent house or apartments , in bars and night clubs , rent car and use like the secondary document together with passport.

Fake Selfie enables users to create faked images very easily. All created faked selfie images are visible at the starting page of the application. Steps to create a new faked selfie: 1. Select foreground image from the photo album or take a picture using camera. 2. Use foreground and background buttons to select a brush and segment the image by drawing on it. 3. Select background image from 10 in-app samples or select image from photo album. 4. When you are satisfied with the results press save button to save image to photo album.


Image of Selfie verification selfie holding ID


Image of Selfie verification selfie holding ID


Image of Selfie verification selfie holding ID


Image of Selfie verification selfie holding ID



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